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Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Mission Statement - Vision Statement - Motto

Mission: By learning together, we reach new heights in knowledge, character, and responsibility.

Vision: As students transition into high school and embark on a future path to career and college readiness, Dixie Middle School staff works hand-in-hand with families and our community to provide a network of support for every student to achieve high levels of learning and to become responsible citizens


Welcome Students!

We’re excited to have you join us for this new school year. This year will be one of the very best ever!
In order for you to gain the most from this school year, it is important for you to review and follow the rules and guidelines. By following them, you will achieve success.

We want the very best for you. Good luck as you set your sights high and soar with the Dixie Eagles!

Contact Information

PowerSchool Website Address: https://psa.washk12.org/public/home.html

School Address:
929 South 100 East, St. George, Utah, 84770

Main Phone Number: (435) 628-0441

Fax Number: (435) 674-6467

Website Address: www.dms.washk12.org


Administration and Staff

Tim Lowe, Principal

Steve Showalter, Assistant Principal

Brian Gunnell, Counselor

Ann Spilker, Counselor

Officer Matt Schuman, Resource Officer

Alice Ericksen, Staff Developer

Lisa Morgan, Principal’s Secretary

Michelle Carter, Financial Secretary

Trudy Foster, Counseling Secretary

Joe Dominguez, Head Custodian

Michael Paxman, Media & Technology Specialist

Kristen Brinkerhoff, Kitchen Manager


Language Arts

Melissa Lewis
Jessica Larsen
Cameron Hansen
Amy Nance

Physical Ed
Michael Schroath
Jill Pace
Joe Randall
Social Studies
Jeff Williams
Johnathon Miller
Conn Wood
Terry Gough
Mary Ann Lindsey
Ramona Schwendiman
Brett Moss
Leslie LeFevre
Kris Cunningham
Jenny Walker
Janette Stratton
Rhonda Sherratt
Michelle Oldroyd
Special Ed
Tiffany Moore
Teresa Turner
Karen Kurtz
Maureen Neufeld
Fine Arts
Jon Stout
Andrea Andrade
Kiley Kolodziej
Will Stucki
Paul Durrant
Anisa Scholes
Nicole Heath
Joy White
World Languages
Alice Ericksen
Tiffani Vazquez
Tawny Betts
Tyler Vega

School Procedures and Information

Hall Passes

Hall passes are required any time you are out of class during a regular class period.  This includes going to the office or rest rooms. You must have a hall pass from the teacher responsible for you that period. Plan rest room trips, purchases from the bookstore, etc. for lunch break or between class breaks. The bookstore is not open during class time.

Physical Education

Each student is required to dress daily for P.E.  You may wear a pair of plain, dark colored shorts and a plain white T-shirt (no designs or writing except your name), however there are school P.E. clothes available to purchase (for $15.00 per set) that they prefer students to wear.  You will also need socks and tennis or athletic shoes.  Please put your name on your P.E. clothes and remember to lock everything up every time you leave the dressing room.

If you cannot participate actively in P.E., you should bring a doctor’s excuse which states what activities you must avoid and for how long.  If you haven’t been to the doctor yet, dress out and speak with your teacher.


Lockers will be available upon request in the counseling office.  Any problems with lockers should be reported to the office immediately. Lockers are the property of the school and may be inspected by administration any time.  Students should not keep valuables or money in their lockers. Leave valuables or excessive amounts of money at home.  Do not give your locker combination to anyone--not even your best friend!  Combinations cannot be changed during the year. Damage to the locker due to stickers, jamming, etc., is the financial responsibility of the student assigned to the locker.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to all students.  Many problems dealing with both school and personal life can be resolved by counseling with a concerned person.  The school counselors are happy to meet with you and to help you with personal problems that may arise.  Ask your teacher for a hall pass or stop by the counseling center during non-class time and make an appointment.  The counselors are sincerely committed to helping each student get the most out of school and life.

Counseling Center Class Change Policy

  1. Each class change will be considered by the counselors individually. To make a class change, see your counselor:
  2. There is a fee to change a class. Pay this at the bookstore AFTER you have talked with your counselor.  Students who are changing math levels are not required to pay.
  3. Class changes will NOT be done for the following reasons: If the change requires numerous changes to your schedule, or if the class is full or unavailable.
  4. CLASS CHANGE DEADLINE: All class changes each semester must be done by the end of the first week of that semester.

 Media Center

The Media Center is open before school, during lunch time, and after school for student use.   The Media Center is for reading and studying. A student may enter the I.M.C. without a pass during these times.  During class time, students must have a hall pass in order to enter the I.M.C.


At lunch time students may purchase a hot lunch from the school, bring their own lunch from home, or go off campus if they can get back to school on time for their next class.  Food needs to be consumed in the cafeteria or outside the building and may not be taken into other parts of the building.  Students who repeatedly return late to class following lunch will lose their off-campus lunch privileges. 

Be sure to observe these lunch rules:

  1. Clean up after yourself.
  2. No crowding or cutting in line.
  3. No throwing anything in the lunchroom.
  4.   No rough play in the lunchroom (yelling, running, pushing, etc.)
  5. Be on time to your next class
  6. No unauthorized entry to classroom halls during lunch.

You may purchase monthly and weekly hot lunches at the bookstore.  You will need to know your lunch number.  Lunches may not be charged.   Absolutely NO food or drink is permitted in the halls for any reason.

There is an early release period for lunch for those who have earned this privilege. Students with less than five cumulative tardies, no truancy marks, and are passing all of their classes will be released for lunch fifteen minutes before the 11:35 lunch bell from their homeroom class. This is a reward that we want ALL of our students to earn and enjoy.

Elevator Key

There is a $10 refundable deposit for any student needing to use an elevator key. Once the key is returned a refund will be issued.

Student Cars

9th grade students with a driver’s license are not permitted to drive on Washington County School District property.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is a privilege granted by the school district.  If you misbehave on the bus, an official complaint will be filed by the driver and turned over to the school administrator.  You will be warned, be given an assigned seat and may have your bus privilege suspended!  Your parents will be notified.  Do exactly what the bus driver tells you to do!


Textbooks are issued to all students.  Normal book wear is expected during the year.  If you lose or abuse your textbook, you will need to pay for that, which can be expensive.  Be sure to inspect any book issued to you and bring any damage to the attention of your teacher right then.  Textbooks must always be covered to minimize wear and thereby avoid fines.  Lost books are taken to the teachers who issued them.  Check with them if you lose one.

Personal Property

The student must assume sole responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property left anywhere in the building, including a locker.  The main office maintains a lost and found.  Leave expensive items at home.

Students should not bring large amounts of money to school.  Items such as toys, radios, tape or CD players, iPods, MP3 players etc. are not permitted in school. Cell phones are not to be used during class time.   Any of the above items will be confiscated and can be picked up at the office by your parent.

Fire & Emergency Drills

Fire and emergency drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution.  It is essential that when the fire alarm goes off, everyone obeys instructions promptly and clears the building by the prescribed route immediately.  The teacher in each classroom will give instructions.  Remain outside until the all-clear signal is given.


The student phone can only be used during passing time or with a teacher hall pass.   Phones are available in case of emergency or illness. 


Because of large class sizes and interruptions to classroom activities and the campus routine, the school cannot allow student visitors to attend school.  All visitors must report to the main office upon entering the building.

Report Cards

The school year is divided into four grading periods or terms.  These terms last for approximately nine weeks.  During the year students will receive four report cards, one at the end of each term.  Midterm reports are given midway through the term and students are expected to take these notices home to their parents.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Student ID Cards

  A student ID card is the passport to the activity program in the middle school. It identifies a student as an “active” member of the student body. The card will be used to check out books from the media center, as a bus pass, and can be scanned in the cafeteria as a means of paying for lunch. The card will also entitle 9th grade students to attend after-school activities sponsored by Dixie High School. Lost student ID cards should be replaced. There is a $5 charge to replace lost ID cards.


Competitive Activities

  Any student participating in a competitive activity during the school day or the evening must be in attendance and on time to all classes that day until leaving for the activity in order to be eligible to participate.  A fee must be paid at Dixie High School prior to participating in 9th grade team athletics (fee waivers are available).  Student athletes must meet minimum citizenship and academic requirements.  Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the school counselors.



          Student accident insurance is available through a private insurance company.  Families may choose from several different policy plans. Students who want to participate in extra-curricular activities, but do not have family insurance, are encouraged to consider this insurance option. No insurance is provided for students participating in extra-curricular activities by the school. The policy may be purchased at the first of the year. Contact the main office for more information.


Dances & Activities

  There will be a variety of activities and assemblies presented during the year.  Students should be on their best behavior.  Those students who misbehave will be sent to detention and may be denied the right to attend future activities.


School Chartered Clubs

  Students are encouraged to be involved in school sponsored activities and clubs. DMS clubs and activities are in alignment with WCSD school board policy and local, state and federal law.  Refer to WCSD Policy 3640 on the school district website.


Student Government

  Student government consists of several elected representatives from each grade.  The purpose of student government is to give the students an active voice in school affairs.  Students should know who their representatives are and communicate to them problems, concerns, good ideas and suggestions.

Behavior and Citizenship

Student Behaviors & Concerns

  Learning to be a good citizen is an important lesson taught in school as well as at home.  Courtesy to teachers, school employees, other students, and visitors are expected from all students.  Students should be considerate of the rights, safety, property, and feelings of others, despite race, gender, religious or economic background.  Students who choose to harass others for any reason will be disciplined promptly.





Work Ethics Guidelines

  Certain behavior is expected and necessary for school, just as it will be for the work place.  Dixie Middle School students have an advantage because they learn and practice these behaviors now, and they become second nature. 


  1. Arrive on time; be ready to work.
  2. Come prepared with all necessary materials.
  3. Turn in clean, legible assignments on time.
  4. Avoid disrupting the teaching and learning environment.
  5. Be respectful of others.
  6. Follow teacher instructions and obey classroom rules.


Students who repeatedly have problems following the Work Ethics Guidelines--so that they are interfering with the learning environment of others and for themselves--may be assigned to an alternative program outside of regular classes. 


Internet Acceptable Use Policy

  DMS has internet access in the media center, computer labs and classrooms. In order for students to have access to the internet they must follow the WCSD “Acceptable Use Policy”. Failure to follow this policy may result in the loss of computer privileges. There may also be disciplinary or legal action taken for illegal or inappropriate material being viewed or downloaded.


Skateboard/Rollerblade Policy

  Washington County School District has adopted a no skateboard or rollerblade policy on all of their school campuses. As a result, Dixie Middle School will not allow skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, or roller shoes at the school. Individuals violating this policy may be cited for trespassing. WCSD is not responsible for any accident that may occur as a result of riding skateboards or roller blades on school property. Students who ride skateboards, scooters or bikes to school must lock them up on the bike and skateboard racks across the parking lot in the front of the building.


Electronic Devices

  Cell phones, portable music players, cameras, games and other electronic devices should be turned off during school class time and be kept in a backpack or pocket. Unauthorized use of these devices by students will result in the following actions:

  • First offense – the device(s) will be confiscated and may be picked up from the office by the student at the end of the school day.
  • Second offense – the device(s) will be confiscated and must be picked up from the office by a parent/guardian at the end of the school day. A conference with an administrator will be held.
  • Additional offenses – the device(s) will be confiscated and must be picked up from the school by a parent/guardian. A conference with an administrator will be held where disciplinary actions may be taken.


The use of these devices is regulated under the “Acceptable Use Policy” of the WCSD pertaining to the use of electronic equipment.



  Fighting will not be tolerated.  Any fighting will result in both parties being suspended from school.  If you are concerned that you or others may be involved in a fight, report your concern to the office immediately.


Substitute Teachers

  Substitute teachers are to be considered guests in our school with as much authority as the regular teacher.  It is the responsibility of students to see that every courtesy and assistance is offered to substitute teachers. Substitutes will send students who repeatedly disrupt the class or show disrespect to other people in the class to the main office.


Public Displays of Affection

  Students are not to physically express affection in public.  This means students should not hold hands, embrace, kiss etc.  Students who repeatedly engage in inappropriate displays of affection face possible administrative discipline.




Vandalism/School Property

Students must not mark on school furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, buses or equipment, or tamper with fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or any electrical systems.   Anyone who willfully destroys school property or creates a safety hazard to themselves or others will be subject to school disciplinary measures and charged for repairs.  Additionally, the individual may be referred to the proper law enforcement agency.


Dress Code and Grooming Policy

Washington County School District Policy:   

Students who attend school in WCSD are expected to come to school dressed and groomed appropriately for a learning environment and show respect for others by supporting the following dress and grooming standards.  These standards are intended to insure that every school in the WCSD will be a safe place for each student to learn, free from physical or moral threats and free from intimidation by others, to include gangs and gang appearance.

* Students have a responsibility to cooperate fully with clothing standards required for special classes (such as shop, home economics, laboratories, physical education) and special school activities.


Full School District Policy- 2200 Student Dress Code


Dixie Middle Student Dress and Grooming Policy:

All tops (blouses, tee shirts, dresses, etc.) need to, at minimum, hang over the shoulder covering the entire top of the shoulder and cover the entire upper body hanging over your bottoms. No bare backs or midriffs or clothing that is translucent enough to see skin through and tops should completely cover undergarments.


All bottoms (shorts, skirts, dresses, etc.) need to be a modest length (where your fingertips would not touch skin if your arms were extended down by your body). Bottoms need to be worn high enough not to show any underwear, and should not have slits in them above the finger length height, if they do, you need to wear shorts or something underneath so bare skin is not exposed.


All clothes should not show any bare skin, or show skin through them (back, midriff, slits in pants, etc.) in any of those areas that should be covered by tops or bottoms. An undershirt or shorts would need to be on underneath these clothes covering skin from being exposed in those areas if they aren’t covered. 


No hoods or hats should be worn inside the building at any time. 


No clothing with explicit words, symbols, or pictures are allowed at school. No clothing with logos of alcohol, drugs, or adult content should ever be worn to school. 


Please make good clothing choices and dress appropriately for school. Pictures and information will be on the school website, shown throughout the school, as well as disseminated to all students at the beginning of the school year. 


Dress code violations will be handled by the administration with students being sent to the office.  In a first offense, clothing to put on to cover up areas that are not appropriate will be provided (clothes need to be returned to the school or paid for by the student). If the same piece of clothing, or a similar piece of clothing, is worn a second time after their first violation, parents will be required for a meeting with the student and the administration. 

  • A student in violation of the Dress Code policy may be sent home to make the necessary changes to be in compliance with the policy. The student may return as soon as the required changes are made.
  • Suspension from school may occur for the continued disregard for the policy.


Once again, please make good clothing choices and dress appropriately for school. 

Attendance Policy

School Hours

The school day begins at 8:20 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. unless students are working with a teacher, involved in a school activity or on a district wide early out schedule. The building will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.


To check a student out from school before the end of the school day, a parent/guardian must come into the office. For the safety of our students, phone calls from the parking lot will not be sufficient to allow the student to leave the building.



  The Washington County School Board wants to make every effort to be in compliance with state law and work together in harmony with parents and to assist them with their responsibility to have their children in attendance at school. (2900 Attendance District Policy)


Absence:  An absence is defined as any time a student is not in attendance in the classroom to which he or she has been assigned. Students are responsible for the completion of any work missed due to absence regardless of the reason for the absence.


Excessive Absences

If a student reaches four absences in any given class in a quarter an email will be sent home to the parents notifying them.

If a student reaches six absences in any given class in a quarter a phone call to the parent from the administration or counselor will be made to discuss the situation.

If a student reaches nine absences in any given class in a quarter a mandatory meeting will be set for the parent to discuss the situation with the administration.

If a child reaches eleven absences they may be required to transition to online recovery of credit for that class and be required to pay the $50.00 fee associated with that program.


In addition to the policy above, if a student has excessive absences, other interventions may include: time to make up school work such as lunch time, before or after school, Attendance Mediation, referral to DCFS/CPS or other community and law enforcement agencies.


Unexcused Absence/Truant: All absences that are not excused by a parent are classified as unexcused absences.  Teachers will mark the students as unexcused if they do not know why they are absent, but will mark them as truant if they know that they were at school and are not currently attending their class. Students who are marked truant will automatically lose the privilege of early lunch release and will need to work off the truant mark (to be determined by teacher or administration).


Tardy:  A tardy is defined as reporting to class after the bell to start class has sounded.  Students may be marked tardy if they are not in their seat when the bell to start class rings. Tardiness is disruptive to the normal class routine and can be detrimental to a student’s achievement. Students who are persistently tardy to class (five or more total for a quarter) will face disciplinary action and will lose the privilege of going to lunch early. Students may earn early lunch privilege by attending lunch detention or working with their teacher to work off excessive tardies. A tardy may be excused by a parent when an emergency situation results in a student arriving to school late. A student may not be excused for tardiness between classes, even after lunch (except if they are taken by a parent and the parent notifies the office at the time of return).


Excessive Tardies

If a student is tardy to any individual class for a second time in a quarter, an email should be sent by the teacher to the parent to notify them.

If a student reaches five cumulative tardies in any given quarter they will no longer be eligible for early lunch release.

If a student reaches ten cumulative tardies in any given quarter a phone call to the parent from the administration will be made to discuss the situation and the student may lose the privilege to go off campus for lunch and may be required to stay in lunch detention.

If a student reaches fifteen cumulative tardies, they may be sent to the Focus Center or given an alternative placement to finish the quarter.

Assignment Makeup

All work missed during any missed class time for any reason (excused, unexcused, tardy, etc.) is the responsibility of the student to makeup.  Assignments given prior to mid-term may not be able to be made up after mid-term and zero credit would be given for those assignments not in by that deadline.  Additionally, if an area of study is completed, departments may not let you makeup work after an area is done depending on the department and work that is missed.  Individual teachers or departments may have procedures to follow to determine the amount of time given to get missed assignments in after missing class, please refer to their disclosure statements.


Transfers or Moving

A student transferring to another school must bring their parent/guardian the last day of attendance in order to check out.  The check-out procedure begins in the counseling center and includes returning all books and school materials to teachers, returning all books checked out from the media center, and paying any fines.  The counseling center must also have the student’s new address and the name of the new school when possible.


Leaving School Before Last Scheduled Day

The Washington County School Board requires:

  1. The student must submit a written request from parents to the school administrator three days before leaving.
  2. Students need to be cleared through the administration before they make arrangements with the teachers. At this time, they will receive a check-out sheet and written confirmation.
  3. All paperwork and assignments that are completed on time will be accepted and graded with the student receiving proper credit.
  4. Tests and final exams are not to be given early.
  5. The grade may be reduced if the student fails to be in attendance to take the final exam (the grade is not reduced because of the absence, but because of the student’s failure to complete the final exam).
  6. No student is to be given an incomplete grade the last term unless circumstances are so unique that it can be handled no other way. This applies to all students, not just those who leave early.

Educational Leave

  If you will be absent to do something of an educational nature, you may apply for educational leave (see the assistant principal).  The idea is to get, do, and turn in some of your homework in advance, so that you won’t have so much to catch up on when you get back.  Start the process at least 7 days before you plan to leave.

District Policies




District Policy

Unauthorized use of this property is prohibited.

It is the policy of the Washington County School Board; local law enforcement has the authority and will enforce all trespass and loitering laws on this property.


Please obey all traffic and parking laws.

It is the policy of the Washington County School Board, that all traffic and parking laws will be enforced by local law enforcement on this property.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

  It is the policy of the Washington County School District not to discriminate on the basis of sex, age, religion, race or national origin in educational programs and activities.


Safe Schools Policy

The Board of Education of the Washington County School District recognizes that every student in the schools should have the opportunity to learn in an environment which is safe, conducive to the learning process, and free from unnecessary disruption.  To foster such an environment the following policy has been adopted and is based on the following principles.

The following are the grounds for suspension and expulsion from school as found in the Safe Schools Policy of the Washington County School District.  A complete copy of the policy is available at the school upon request.


A Student may be suspended or expelled from school for any of the following reasons:

  1. Frequent or flagrant willful disobedience, defiance of proper authority or disruptive behavior, including the use of foul, profane, vulgar, or abusive language;
  2. Willful destruction or defacing of school property;
  3. Behavior or threatened behavior which poses an immediate and significant threat to the welfare, safety, or morals of other students or school personnel or to the operation of the school, including bullying, emotional, physical, or sexual harassment;
  4. Possession or use of pornographic material on school property H.B. 100-4-30-07;
  5. Possession, control, or use of an alcoholic beverage as defined in Section 32A-1-105 of the Utah Code;
  6. Possession, control, or use of tobacco;
  7. Behavior which threatens harm or does harm to the school or school property, to a person associated with the school, or property associated with any such person, regardless of where it occurs
  8. Because of identification and association with gangs, the following will not be permitted on school campuses or at school activities: bandannas or any article of clothing bearing gang symbols, names, initials, insignia, or anything else that signals gang affiliation
  9. When a school official determines that time is needed to establish further facts of an act or series of acts of disobedience and misconduct disruptive to the learning process which may lead to suspension or expulsion from school


A student shall be suspended or expelled from school for any of the following reasons:

  1. Any serious violation affecting another student or staff member, or any serious violation occurring in a school building, in or on school property, or in conjunction with any school activity, including
  2. possession, control, or actual or threatened use of a real, look alike, or pretend weapon, explosive, or noxious or flammable material under Section 53A-3-502,;
  3. the sale, control, or distribution of a drug or controlled substance as defined in Section 58-37b-2, ;
  4. the sale, control, or distribution of an imitation        

controlled substance as defined in Section 58- 37b-2,;

  1. the sale, control, or distribution of drug paraphernalia as defined in Section 58-37a-3,           
  2. The commission of an act involving the use of force or threatened force which if committed by an adult would be a felony or class A misdemeanor,

  A secondary school student who commits a violation of section 1(a) above involving a real, look alike, or pretend firearm, explosive, or flammable material shall be expelled from school for a period of not less than one year.

  A student may be denied admission to school on the basis of having been expelled from that or any other school during the preceding 12 months.  A suspension or expulsion under this policy is not subject to the age limitations under Subsection 53A-11-102(1).


Technology Acceptable Use Policy (Abridged)

The information included below has been abridged to include only student responsible use information.  The policy can be read in its entirety at the Washington County School District Website (Policy 3700)




It is the policy of the Washington County School District to permit students, patrons, to have computer and Internet access under approved regulations and guidelines, to include those listed in the Children's Internet Protection Act, State Law, and policies adopted by Board of Education. In general, the user's responsibilities require responsible, decent, ethical, polite, efficient, and legal use of computer and network resources. Students must not access obscene, pornographic, or material that is deemed to be harmful to minors. District and school personnel will instruct students and on acceptable use of computers and Internet resources and proper network etiquette.  All students are granted access to the internet, but all access to the internet through district resources is subject to the terms of the Technology Acceptable Use Agreement and District policy.


Internet use is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a loss of network privileges, disciplinary action, and/or referral to legal authorities. The system administrators will close an account when necessary. An administrator or faculty member may request the system administrator to deny, revoke, or suspend specific user access and/or user accounts.


Authorized District employees have the right to intercept or read a user's e-mail, to review any material, and to edit or remove any material which they believe may be unlawful, obscene, defamatory, abusive or otherwise objectionable. If the District intends to impose any discipline upon a student other than revoking privileges for the remainder of the school year, the student will be afforded appropriate or adequate due process.


Nothing is private on the District-owned network. If a user accesses a particular site on the Internet, it is likely that someone knows the connections that the user is making, knows about the computer the user is using and what the user looked at while on the system. Frequently these sites maintain records which can be subpoenaed to identify what the user has been viewing and downloading on the Internet. In addition, the District reserves the right to monitor whatever a user does on the network and to make sure the network functions properly. A user has no expectation of privacy as to his or her communications or the uses made of the Internet.

  • Users are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These include but are not limited to the following:
  • Be polite
  • Do not be abusive in your messages to others
  • Use appropriate language
  • Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other language inappropriate in a school setting



This includes any device or object that may, if used or engaged, interfere with the educational process for either the student possessing or using the object or for other students.  These devices include, but are not limited to:




Video broadcasting devices

Lasers, laser pens or laser pointers

Portable music players such as CD players, MP3 players, or iPods

Video games

Other electronic equipment or devices


Except as set forth below, a student may possess, but may not operate or engage, any interfering device during school hours or at school functions, unless specifically authorized in advance by the school personnel in charge of the class or activity.


It is District policy that students and others in the District will not be subject to video or audio capture, recording or transmission of their words or images by any student at a school without express prior notice and explicit consent for the capture, recording or transmission of such words or images.


During any time when a student is scheduled to be in class or involved in a regular school activity, it is a violation of policy for the student to have in his or her possession an electronic communication device or camera which is in the "on" position and ready to receive, send, capture, or record any communication, visual image, sound, text message or other information.


Electronic communication devices and cameras must not be possessed, activated, or utilized at any time by any person, to include a student, teacher, staff employee, patron, or any other individual, in any school situation where a reasonable expectation of personal privacy exists. These locations and circumstances include but are not limited to locker rooms, shower rooms, restrooms, and any other areas where students or others may change or be in any stage or degree of disrobing or changing clothes.


The principal or administrator of the school is hereby given authority to make determinations as to other specific locations and situations where possession of electronic communication devices and cameras is absolutely prohibited.


At no time may any electronic communication device or camera be utilized by any student in any way which gives the impression to others of being threatened, humiliated, harassed, embarrassed, or intimidated.




Any electronic device found on District property is subject to search and confiscation.  Pornographic or indecent material will be reported for possible criminal prosecution in accordance with the UCA 76-10-1235 and/or other applicable District, state and federal regulations.  For each observed violation of this policy, it shall be the duty of the school teacher or administrator observing the violation to immediately confiscate the interfering device. Employee or patron violations will be immediately reported to the appropriate school or District administrator. Furthermore, the school or District may take additional disciplinary action as described in other District policies. The confiscated device shall be forwarded to the administrative office together with the name of the person from whom the device was confiscated. The school office should make arrangements to notify the parent/guardian of the student from whom the device was confiscated and arrange for the parent or guardian to pick up that device at the school office.


Any use of an electronic communication device or camera to record sounds or images or otherwise capture material in an unauthorized setting or at an unauthorized time shall subject the user of the device to increased discipline based on the circumstances and whether the student has been involved in prior violations of this policy and/or other District Policies.


The use of any interfering device or any electronic communications device or camera to threaten, intimidate, or embarrass another or to capture and transmit test information or any other information in a manner constituting fraud, theft, or academic dishonesty may result in an immediate suspension of not less than three days nor more than ten days.


The use of any interfering device in a manner which may be physically harmful to another person, such as shining a laser in the eyes of another student, may result in an immediate suspension of not less than three days not more than 10 days. When a student repeatedly engages in such behavior, the punishment may be increased as is appropriate.


Prevention of Sexual Harassment


Excerpts from WCSD Policy 1420

Sexual harassment includes any gender-related unwelcome written or verbal slurs, vulgar jokes, derogatory statements or actions. Sexual harassment also includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when the harassment is so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it can be said to deprive the victims of access to the educational opportunities or benefits provided by the school and such harassment takes place in a context subject to the School District's control.

Student Complaint Procedures

If a student believes he/she is subject to harassment, the student should first consider telling the person that they do not like what is happening, that they consider it a violation of the school district policy on harassment, and that they want it stopped. In many cases, a clear statement that the student wants something stopped will be enough to take care of the situation. Students are not required, however, to confront the person in this way

The student has the right and is encouraged to report the problem immediately to the principal, counselor, or assistant principal at their school. Students should not feel embarrassed, intimidated, or reluctant to file a valid harassment report.

Any teacher, counselor, administrator receiving a report of harassment from a student must report the incident to the school principal or designated administrator or/supervisor. The principal or designated administrator/supervisor has the responsibility to conduct a preliminary investigation when he/she receives an oral or written complaint, observes, or has reason to suspect sexual harassment.

Students or staff may request a district-level investigation by submitting the written complaint to the appropriate person, the Assistant Superintendent, the Superintendent, or the Human Resource Director. 

The complainant and the accused have the right to be represented by a person of their choice, at their own expense, during sexual harassment investigations and hearings. Complainants also have the right to register sexual harassment complaints with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights or the Utah Anti-Discrimination Division/EEOC. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to limit the right of the complainant to file a lawsuit.

Retaliation Prohibition

Any act of reprisal against any person who opposes sexually harassing behavior, or who has filed a complaint, is prohibited and therefore subject to disciplinary action.  Likewise, reprisal against any person who has testified, assisted, or participated in any manner in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing of a sexual harassment complaint is prohibited and therefore subject to disciplinary action.

False Complaints:

False, malicious, or frivolous complaints of harassment will result in corrective or disciplinary action taken against the accuser.


Principals in each school and program directors shall be responsible for informing students and staff of the terms of this policy, including the procedures established for investigation and resolution of complaints. Additional Information is available on line at: http://www2.washk12.org/policy/1000/1420_sexual_harass.html


Prevention of Bullying and Hazing


The Washington County School Board is committed to protecting its students, employees and school guests from bullying or harassment of any type, for any reason.  The School Board believes that all students, employees or guests are entitled to a safe, equitable and harassment-free school experience.  Bullying or harassment in any form will not be tolerated and shall be just cause for disciplinary action. Conduct that constitutes bullying or harassment will be dealt with immediately and consistently.


“Bullying” is aggressive behavior that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power or strength.  A person is bullied or victimized when he/she is exposed repeatedly and over time to negative actions on the part of one or more persons. Therefore "Bullying" means intentionally or knowingly committing an act that endangers the physical, and/or emotional health or safety of a student, a school employee, or a school guest.  Any act involving any of the following elements will be considered bullying: (1) physical brutality, (2) forced or involuntary consumption of any food, liquor, drug, or other substance, (3) coerced actions or activities of a sexual nature or with sexual connotations, (4) physically obstructing freedom of movement, (6) verbal intimidation, such as teasing and name calling, (7) non-verbal and emotional intimidation through gestures, social exclusion. The conduct described above constitutes bullying, regardless of whether the person against whom the conduct is committed directed, consented to, or acquiesced in, the conduct.


"Cyber-bullying" is a form of bullying involving the use of email, instant messaging, chat rooms, cell phones, or other forms of information technology. Information put on the internet in social media form can be used to show cyber-bullying, even if it has since been deleted. Use your best judgment and always be considerate of everything you post online ever, once it is out there, it is somewhere forever.


"Hazing" is a form of bullying done for the purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, holding office in, or as a condition for, membership or acceptance, or continued membership or acceptance, in any school or school sponsored team, organization, program, or event.


No school employee, student, or guest, may engage in bullying, Hazing or cyber-bullying anyone else: (1) on school property, (2) at a school related or sponsored event, (3) on a school bus, (4) at a school bus stop; or (5) while the school district employee or student is traveling to or from a location or event described above.



Report violations anonymously or with contact information in one of the following ways:

Report the incident online at the following address: http://psaddons.washk12.org/psscripts/bully/index.php?School=403

Call 628-0441 to leave a message with the assistant principal, school counselor, or the school resource officer

Email steve.showalter@washk12.org to report to the assistant principal

Email brian.gunnell@washk12.org to report to the counselor


Each reported complaint shall include: (1) name of complaining party; (2) name of offender (if known); (3) date and location of incident(s); (4) a statement describing the incident(s), including names of witnesses. Each reported violation of the prohibitions noted previously shall be promptly investigated by a school administrator or an individual designated by a school administrator. Formal disciplinary action is prohibited based solely on an anonymous report of bullying, hazing, or retaliation.


Consequences or penalties may include but are not limited to:

  • Student suspension or removal from a school-sponsored team or activity including school sponsored transportation
  • Student suspension or expulsion from school or lesser disciplinary action
  • Employee suspension or termination for cause or lesser disciplinary action
  • Employee reassignment

Discipline actions must also include, as appropriate:

  • Procedures for protecting the victim and other involved individual from being subjected to further bullying or retaliation for reporting the bullying or hazing
  • Prompt reporting to law enforcement of all acts that constitute suspected criminal activity
  • Prompt reporting to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of all acts that may be violations of civil rights
  • Procedures for providing due process rights under Section 53A-8-10

Criminal Trespass Policy

Unauthorized use of district property is prohibited.  It is the policy of the Washington County School Board that local law enforcement has the authority and will enforce all trespass and loitering laws on Washington County School District property.  It is the policy of Washington County School District that all traffic and parking laws will be enforced by local law enforcement on Washington County School District property.  It is the policy of Washington County School District that all persons and vehicles entering school property are subject to search.


Search and Seizure

The following are subject to search and seizure on campus:

  1. Students.  All students are subject to search if reasonable cause exists to suspect imminent danger to the student or others, or in violations of any school or district policy.
  2. Visitors and non-school persons. Per WCSD Policy 5220, any person and their vehicle on any school campus are subject to search at any time.
  3. Lockers.  Student lockers are school property and as such are subject to search at any time.